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Jan 1, 2000

Millenium 'Fireworks'! On New Year's Eve, the last hours of 1999


On New Year's Eve, the last hours of 1999, Peter and his sister Marina got together to celebrate the entry of the new Millenium.

Mr. Goudas planned to enter the new Millenium in the office because he wanted to ensure that the Millenium bug did not affect his operations. We were all well warned in advance of the Millenium bug, and the possibility of shutting down computer systems, and state of the art computerized production machinery.

Some time ago, he told his sister, he was planning celebrations at the office, although, many respectable organizations and embassies invited him to their celebrations. 

Peter has requested his sister to make one traditional Greek food by the name fasolada.

When his sister showed up with the fasolada, that she had already made, along with other foods that accompany fasolada, such as herring, feta cheese, calamata olives, Greek bread, and green onions, he started celebrating while slowly bringing these foods together. 

Emptying quickly one dish after another, the two of them are sitting in front of the TV, watching Millenium celebrations throughout the world, and talking to each other. Every hour, another part of the world enters the millennium, and the TV shows how people are dancing happily to loud music, hugging and kissing, and yelling out "Happy New Year", while dazzling and colorful fireworks spread in the sky adding more loudness to the celebration. 

A couple of hours after midnight, Peter discovers to his surprise that the pan with the fasolada is almost empty.

They had really enjoyed those beans, and this enjoyment started now to bring even more surprises that made Peter and Marina giggle at first, and then burst into laughs. You see, despite the loud sounding fireworks in the sky around the world, Peter and Marina may have enjoyed more surprising sounds, where the effects of the fasolada, provided the loudest sounds of all them all. 

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