Jun 12, 1997

products from round the world is inspirational...

Nicole - University of Western Ontario (London) 
From Guyana Where?: Torontonian, parents Antiguan: tons of Guyanes friends including Engineer boyfriend 
Hi! I really like your website! It's very colourful and appealing.

On the first Guyana page I can't seem to see anything past the section on Georgetown, it cuts off mid sentance... This might be an ignorant question, but I will ask it anyway.

Am I correct in assuming that Peter Goudas (Goudas Food Products) is a Guyanese man?

He does not seem to have a web site, and I was wondering if you or someone you know could tell me more about him.

I love to cook West Indian food and I find that in London you really have to drive far to find a West Indian Grocery, but amazingly enough some stores manage to carry Goudas products, and I use them extensively.

I think his range of products from round the world is inspirational... 


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