Feb 13, 1988

Chuck Reynolds, Producer of the Music Connection

One day in 1988, Mr. Chuck Reynolds, producer of the music connection Carribean program on the CKQT 94.9 FM, in Oshawa, Ontario that was sponsored by Goudas Foods, visited Mr. Goudas for the annual renewal of the sponsorship.

In the conversation, Mr. Goudas gave Mr. Reynolds credit for the wonderful program he was doing. He also congratulated him for the gifted voice that he had.

Mr. Goudas told him that the program needed a little "spicing up" to attract listeners attention.You see, Mr. Goudas was a veteran in broadcasting, and so he recommended several things to Mr. Reynolds who complied.

These changes substancially improved  the program that became one of the best & it attracted a wider audience.

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