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Jan 18, 1984

One of the Greatest Composers Vassilis Tsitsanis

The leading creator has left forever. On  the 18th of January, on the date of his birthday. He passes away at a London Hospital. 

Vassilis Tsitsanis, Greek singer,composer, versifier and a masterly craftsman of bouzouki of the early years of Greece was born in Trikala.

During his junior-high school years he also learned violin, "Sinnefiasmeni Kiriaki" one off the most popular songs.

He discovered new voices, which serve his songs and bind with him: Marika Ninou, Sotiria Bellou, and Prodromo Tsaousaki.
He composed his first songs at the age of 15 and at the end of 1936 he moved to Athens in order to study Law.

He worked in taverns in order to acquire income. 

At the time Mr.Spyros Peter Goudas was also working in one of the taverns as a busboy.


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