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Jan 14, 1979

Mr. Goudas' Broken Leg Almost Costs the Business!

On the evening of January the 14th, 1979, Mr. Goudas had an accident that almost cost him everything including his entire business. The story is provided in text format for those of you that do not have Real Player. Both the audio and text are posted in the archives section under the title "The story of Mr. Goudas' Horrible Accident". 

The story explains the circumstances of how the accident happened, the outcome, and the ensuing result. This dramatic event has become a subject of discussion on radio programs, in churches, at meetings, board rooms, accounting firms, books, etc. In effect, it has become a source of inspiration to others who are and have endured similar devastating periods in this game of life.

Any one who is experiencing a difficult period is encouraged to read this article. The mere force of strength that Mr. Goudas exhibits throughout this ordeal will strengthen even the weakest of spirits. It is a source of strength and faith higher and more powerful than we are !

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