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Aug 10, 1978

Caribana Parade 1976 Misfortune of Mr. Goudas

After the tremendous success of the Caribana Parade in 1975, Mr. Goudas wanted to organize another parade the next year, aiming for even better success than before.
Co-operating with Kenn F. Shawh and other people, Mr. Goudas worked for more than 6 months in order to have the event perfectly organized. 

On the day of the parade, everyone was dressed in beautiful, colorful, costumes, wearing distinctive makeup, and ready to go.

However, the terrible weather had also decided to join the party and ruin everything with its destructive rain. Water poured furiously from the skies, washing away all the makeup and discoloring all the costumes.
The Indo Caribbean Newspaper wrote a long article about the Caribana Parade, dedicating also a part of it to this misfortune.
This is what they wrote quoting Mr. Goudas comments on it: 

"As the parade was almost half along the route the sky opened giving torrents of water to invade the festivities.
The spectators ran for shelter from the relentless downpour.
Some ran back to their hotels and cars, some to the dry subway tunnels.
Some of the dancers and helpers of my group finally had to run for cover.
The musicians tried every possible way to protect and cover their instruments.
The beautiful costumes which had taken 6 months to prepare melted into colored puddles at the dancers' feet.

As I sat on the grass near the monument viewing the wrath of nature, I thought of the expenditure of time, effort, and money.

I have experienced many rainstorms in my life, but never have I really paid much attention, as these storms have not only wet my hair and clothes. 
This storm wets my eyes and broke my heart."

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