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Aug 24, 1978

Historical Event:

Papadopoulos/Pattakos/Makarezos sentenced to death in Athens 

Please refer to EVENT 21 APR 1967 

It was at this time, on August 24, 1975, the three men who comprised the triumvirate of junior officers during the turbulent period in Greece in 1967, Papadopoulos, Makarezos, and Pattakos, were sentenced to death in Athens. This sentence was later rescinded to a life term.
According to many, Pattakos spent the rest of his life reading the Bible in jail. 

This probably was the opportunity for Peter to go back to Greece, since democracy was reinstated. However, he chose not to leave, because he loved his work, his business relationships, and began to understand the function of the multi-cultural food market in Canada.
He did not want to lose the opportunity to apply this newly gained knowledge and the possibility of learning more. 

Instead, he wanted to continue to grow into what he knew was going to be a promising future, because he believed the food creation business was endless and was directly tied to or related to religion.

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