Mar 23, 1977

Goudas products in the first chain-store in Canada


In 1973, Oshawa Foods, operating the IGA and Food City stores, decided to give a section in two of its city food stores (the first one in Dupont and Shaw area, with store manager Larry Sturino, and the second one at Galaria Food City, on Dufferin and Dupont, with store manager Frank Dicario, along with other people including Nick Nero and Armando Viola); this section was called for the first time "Multi-Cultural". 

Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas kept going at the section almost every night, set it up, make sure to keep it clean and always fully stored; he would keep his eyes open to see what products were demanded, and what people preferred to buy. He would talk to shoppers and ask about their cooking and eating habits, opinions about his products and comments, and this is how he would get new ideas for new products to bring at the stores. Within the next years he brought more products that became popular among shoppers, and in some stores he managed to secure a whole isle for Goudas Foods products only.

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