Jul 20, 1977

The Best Ginger Beer by Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas

To prepare the best tasting Ginger Beer, Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas spent a great deal of time thinking and working to create this wonderful product.
A taste test of the Ginger Beer was also condocuted at the 813 Club to observe people's reaction and to the product.
When he was convinced about the quality and perfect taste of the Ginger Beer, he finally decided to introduce it to the Canadian market.

Since then, many competitors have tried to immitate it, but have always been unsuccessful.
And in the case of bigger companies, making a Ginger Beer was not even tried, because they knew well that their product would never match up to the uniqueness of Mr.Spyros Peter Goudas Ginger Beer. 

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Bottles of Mr. Goudas Ginger Beer, a piece of root ginger and other Goudas products are being displayed. 

You know, ever since Mr. Goudas developed the first Ginger Beer in Canada in 1970 many people try to imitate the taste; no one else has been successful in capturing that flavour.
All those other brands do not even come close. So forget about old times and jolly day labels because the one and only original Ginger Beer is Mr. Goudas Ginger Beer. Those other labels are just imitations.
So, stick to the first and original Mr. Goudas Ginger Beer available everywhere. Mr. Goudas Ginger Beer!"

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