Aug 15, 1979

Anta Kalambothakis

Shortly after getting nestled down with work and making ends finally meet, Mary Papadaki, his fiance from Greece, informed Peter Spyros that she was unwilling to leave her native land, Greece, where she was completing her law degree at the University of Athens and withdrew their engagement.
Mary Papadaki went on to become a successful lawyer and then a judge. 

Sometime during the month of March 1968, in Toronto, he met and fell in love with a beautiful and well-educated girl named Anta Kalampothakis. 
Anta was a popular personality in the Greek community since she hosted children's programs, the news broadcast, talk shows, cooking segments, and in general hosted a twelve-hour radio broadcast all by herself. 

Following what was considered to be a whirlwind romance, he popped the question and Spyros and Anta Kalampothakis became engaged in May 1968. 

Unfortunately, his happiness didn' t last long.
Anta Kalampothakis passed away three short months later, without any indication of illness, from a brain tumor. 

With sadness, Spyros Peter Goudas explained that on the day Anta passed away, they were out sightseeing at City Hall and Anta Kalampothakis mentioned to him: (Lately, sometimes I lose my vision). No one could have envisioned that hours later Anta would be gone forever! 

Anta's Kalampothakis sudden passing caused chaos and sorrow not only for Spyros Peter Goudas but also within the Greek community in general due to her popularity, there was a huge turnout at her funeral. Her radio program was listened to, and enjoyed by thousands of loyal radio listeners. 

Because of his love for her, he arranged to have her dressed in a wedding gown and her remains were flown back to her parents in her native land of Greece. 

Her loss created a void in Spyros Peter Goudas' life. 

(This picture of Anta Kalampothakis was taken by Peter Peter Goudas when they visited Montreal, to see  Lucille Star singing The French Song a week prior to her passing.)


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