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Jun 3, 2006

Colleen Bradley

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Dear Fellow Co-workers:

There are no words to describe the loss of Colleen Bradley on June 3rd, 2006.

Colleen began her employment with our organization on February 16, 1997. 

At that time a vacancy existed for someone who was willing to do the “odds and ends” of jobs nobody really wanted to take responsibility for. 

Over the years, she became familiar not only with the building but with the people within it. She was not just a worker at Goudas Foods but had become a part of the organization, and with her kindness, she touched people’s hearts.

A big example of this was when Robert Dipiero left us, Colleen inherited his insurance policy, and without hesitation, she shared the proceeds with Robert’s girlfriend and took care of the funeral expenses.

This act of Robert’s was very personal, indicating that he had appreciated her friendship, kindness, or whatever quality he saw in her.

Also, it was not too long ago when Irma the dog was ill for over a six-month period, that Colleen undertook her care. She never left Irma’s needs unattended at any time, including administering her medication on a daily basis.

In the last little while, she had all the chances in the world to avoid this from happening. However, her decision proved to be a fatal error.

Basically, she refuses to give money to her son for his drug addiction, resulting in her throat slash. 

Her presence within this organization is irreplaceable.

We will always fondly remember hearing the words “Colleen, come to the office!” over the intercom. 

We have lost more than our share of co-workers within the last little while and we hope that Colleen’s loss will be the last for some time to come.

Everybody all the employees attend the funeral, and I took care of the expenses.

The son ended up in a mental institution and the father who also work for the Goudas organization in severe depression.

We are still in shock and disbelief as to the circumstances of this very tragic event.

Here at Goudas Foods, we are not just an organization; all our employees are part of the family for as long as I am alive.  

So, on behalf of all of us, we have lost a sister!

We pray that her soul rests in peace.

Spyros Peter Goudas


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