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Feb 9, 2007

Information About Honey 2007

Information About Honey

Bulgaria is a very suitable country to produce honey.
Not only does it naturally blossom with many kinds of flowers every year, but also has a long blooming period beginning in April to September.

There are approximately 4000 beehives; those are all spread around in groups of 150-200 beehives each.
Every group is guarded to ensure the purity and high quality of honey.
Most of the honey produced in this area is (dasomelo), since there are many forests here.

Most forests contain Linden (flamouria) and (akakies) trees, and many herbs.

Other kinds of honey come from flowers and plants like sunflowers, coriander, mint, and (gaidouragka8o).
This area is considered to enhance the quality of honey for two reasons: first, there are many (akakies) trees, and honey coming from these trees doesn't (zaxarwvei) easy.

Second, there are many (gaidouragka8a) in the area, which give the best honey!
Moreover, the honey produced from sunflowers is the one that crystallizes fast, and this crystallized honey is delicious and very rare in the market!

How a beehive is opened:

To open a beehive, one has to take great care and precautions.
As you can see in the pictures, is wearing a protective suit and a net on his face.

He first has to prepare the smoke device by burning paper inside it; the smoke keeps the bees from getting angry.
Opening the beehive, every move is made slowly: the bees do not like to be disturbed, and despite the smoke, they still seem to be getting quite annoyed. 
He removes one of the hives filled with wax, honey, and hundreds of bees that are guarding it.
He then puts it back in, at the same spot, and slowly closes the beehive.

As we leave, we are very careful not to run; bees can smell fear and when they do, they start stinging right away!


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