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Nov 15, 2008

King Fish

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This species of fish is loved by most people from the Caribbean. 

We had this fish for lunch today at the office and we thought it would be great to take a picture and post it here to let you know that we have over 150 wonderful recipes including pictures, ingredients and step by step instructions on creating these masterpieces. 

Obviously this was not an overnight accomplishment. It was very intensive work for many people, including Mr.Goudas himself. 

Many of them are written in a comedic format. New cooks and experienced chefs will have fun while experimenting with our recipes 

We suggest if you have the time to visit the Recipe Section of our website. 

Most of the cook books out there are stealing recipes and ideas from one another, even in Google you will realize that most of them are similar to one another. 

You will find our recipe section unique, innovative, detailed, practical and entertaining. 

Enjoy cooking with us.
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