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Oct 12, 2008

Many people think which is sweeter

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Ms. Lotta is giving it her best shots to promote Spyros Peter Goudas Sugar and other products.
Do some people think which is sweeter? 
Ms. Lotta is almost 7 feet tall without high hills and according to many should be hired by the RCMP. 

Since the salary was not enuff from the police she becomes a model and bodyguard of Mr. Goudas in his public appearances.

Occasionally many Men asked Mr. Goudas :
Mr. Goudas if I will try to touch you, what your bodyguard will do to me?
Mr. Goudas answer: She will beat you up.
Men asked again: Mr. Goudas can I touch you, please please, please I need a good beating tonight. 

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