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Sep 24, 2008

ARMANDO VIOLA personal friends of Mr Goudas

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Armando Viola,s name pops up occasionally in the Goudas organization. 

For example, in the March 23, 1973 Events Section, in Mr, Goudas, biography, titled, The Immigrant, and the article Guess Who Is Coming Back to Sobeys, January 2, 2008. 

Over the years, whenever Mr. Goudas narrated a story about how he began, etc., etc., Armando,s name was always mentioned. 

As we all know, Mr. Goudas knows many, many people. Some of them are competitors, some are back stabbers, and some considered to be personal friends and supporters of this organization, a group which includes Armando.

Ever so often, Mr. Goudas would ask one or more of the salesmen at the weekly sales meeting to relay hello to a particular person, be it a store manager, or someone associated with the company. 

In this instance, he always sent greetings to Armando and the following week the salesman would return and say Armando sends hello to you, too. 

Armando was a junior Assistant Manager at the Dupont and Shaw Food City location in the early 1970,s when Mr. Goudas first entered the food jungle arena full of hope, ideas and new products to capture the ever-increasing multi-cultural market. 

At that time, many high level managers and store owners did not understand the mentality of Mr. Goudas. However, Armando was one of the first to see Mr. Goudas, vision and immersed himself in becoming educated within this field so much so that he became one of the top managers at the Food City which was part of the Oshawa Food Organization. He then went on to Price Chopper and IGA which are now part of the Sobeys Organization, which bought the Oshawa Group. 

Basically, he worked for the same organization all his life. He was very loyal and most of the managers were trained under his direction. 

After many years, Mr. Goudas and Armando were reunited at the 2nd Anniversary Celebration, March 20, 2005 and posed for this memorable photo. 

Sadly, Armando passed away. He will be missed. 

At the subsequent sales meeting, Mr. Goudas mentioned that the company has lost part of its history. 

On a personal level, Mr. Goudas feels like he has lost a friend. 

Our condolences go to his family. 

From Mr. Goudas and the entire Goudas Foods Organization.

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