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Aug 15, 2008

Dr. Phil Band-In-A-Box

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Dr. Phil Band-In-A-Box 

Dr. Phil describes himself as a one person, single entertainer. 

He is a one man band, proficient at many types of music and provides professional instrumental as well as vocal live musical entertainment. 

His range is very diversified and is available for event bookings 

You may find all the information you need, together with an array of photos of Dr. Phil exhibiting his talents on the main page of 

Even Mr. Goudas got into Dr. Phil,s musical groove. Now, they are good friends, and occasionally, when Dr. Phil plays at selected events, Mr. Goudas accompanies him on the harmonica, should he happen to be in attendance. 

You may see Mr. Goudas playing with him on Canada Day, July 1, 2007 link on the same website. 

The attached photo is that of Dr. Phil and his wife, Amina, enjoying an evening out with Mr. Goudas. 

Although Dr. Phil sings wonderful Country and Western songs to perfection, when he is actually speaking you can discern his German accent. 

On one occasion while out with Mr. Goudas, Dr. Phil asked him if he knew the difference between German and other nationalities. Mr. Goudas stated that he knew a lot about their food habits and questioned as to whether there was anything else should know. 

Dr. Phil said yes! There is one additional fact that you should know: German people are considered to square heads, so therefore when we have a headache, instead of one aspirin, we take four. 

Mr. Goudas questioned, why four tablets. 

Dr. Phil then explained, one tablet for each corner of the square head. 

Mr. Goudas almost choked on his meal, while laughing. 

Mr. Goudas has received permission from Dr. Phil to publish this.

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