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Nov 5, 2007

Koukla, Tiger and Irma Story

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To however has read the Mr. Goudas biography, or the Kouklas story article posted on the article section of the Mr. Goudas website, there is now an official booklet (as seen in the picture) that has just been published.
This booklet is already displayed in many stores and it is part of the overall Mr. Goudas collection, with 22 different booklets, as of now. 

In this particular booklet, Sofia Papadhimitri left (Mr. Goudas assistant writer), includes a personal note regarding the circumstances under which this article was written, as well as additional notes from Bernadette Scott (Mr. Goudas secretary), who explains in detail the stories of Mr. Goudas three wonderful pets. 

Although, in a way, the article is written with a humouristic tone, in certain sections, one might be deeply touched by the content, and who knows, maybe a tear will fall.
Since only one of the pets named Koukla, is still around, we have included an article dedicated to her. 

The Koukla, Irma and Tiger story, is the subject of animal lovers, humane society members, and people who plan to adopt a dog or cat and want to know more about the animal. 


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