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Sep 9, 2007

Fitzroy Anthony Gordon Dr. Love TIES THE KNOT

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A longtime friend and associate of Spyros Peter Goudas Fitzroy Anthony Gordon tied the knot to Marvette Marjorie Powell on September 9, 2007, at the Toronto East Seventh-Day Adventist Church. 

The ceremony was very well attended due to his popularity within the community since he is the radio broadcaster for the Dr. Love show on CHIN Radio, additionally; he is also a sportscaster. 

Fitzroy has been a personal friend of Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas for many years.

He conducted many radio interviews including, one after the Entrepreneur of the Year Award of Mr. Goudas IN 1993. 

   One night in 1992 at around 2 am Peter Spyros Goudas after he had a glass of         brandy he felt talkative about how an why he broke his leg in Jan 14, 1979,     including the effect and the outcome. It is a sad story but also very inspiring.

   Just a reminder after the accident the bank closed the business down and yet 14     years later he won the Entrepreneur award

Fitzroy Anthony Gordon Also, he has used the tape of the 1979 accident on his radio program several times at Christmas time in open line format as an inspiration to the radio audience and to stimulate comments and discussion. 

A feature at the ceremony was a table set up with four plates containing items to be sampled because life is made up of these flavors: Sour, Bitter, Hot and Sweet. 

The Pastor, David Rogers, demonstrated in a comedy format the effects of these flavors.

The funny part was the representation of the hot part was Mr. Goudas Chili Powder which was very hot and the effect showed immediately on Fitzroy because he immediately asked for something to cool him down. 

The reference to sweet was depicted by honey; upon tasting it the bride and groom stated it was very sweet. Of course, this was Mr. Goudas Honey. 

Reverend Audley James performed a very good service; he was very professional.

Needless to say, Reverend James is a friend of Mr. Goudas since the early days back in the 1970,s when prior to becoming a minister was an Inspector for the Food and Drug Administration, in today,s language, (CFIA) Canadian Food Inspection Agency and happened to be inspecting Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas premises on a regular basis. 

Overall, the ceremony was excellent, the bride was beautiful as expected, and from all of us at Goudas organizations, and especially Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas, we wish them all the happiness in the world. 

Fitzroy is working on the CRTC to obtain a license for his own radio station.

We also wish him success in this venture.

Fitzroy Anthony Gordon BIO

Mr. Fitzroy Gordon first fell in love with radio at the age of nine when he bought a pocket radio with money he earned while working with his Grandmother pulling weeds from the flowers in Hope Botanical Gardens in Jamaica.

For years, that radio never left his side, and he has been living and breathing radio ever since.

He has covered World Cup cricket and track and field in the summer Olympics. 

He has been active in International Sports for more than 15 years as a journalist/broadcaster.

He worked as sports host on The Score television network and has also been instrumental in creating and hosting the International Sports Show on The Fan 590.
Prior to beginning his radio career, Mr. Fitzroy Gordon was a sports columnist with the Toronto Sun as well as the North American Gleaner & Star and the Contrast newspaper.

Mr. Fitzroy Gordon’s background as a sports commentator also includes being the play-by-play commentary voice (alongside famous West Indies fast bowler Michael Holding) for the West Indies vs.
Rest-of-the-World Match at Skydome which was broadcast live on 89.5 FM and across the Caribbean.

He was also the voice of the famous Indian-Pakistan cricket series in Toronto during the mid-90s.

His passion for international sports came from his background as a talented cricketer in Jamaica, where he played at the same cricket club with some of the best players in the West Indies, such as Lawrence Rowe, Desmond Lewis, Basil Williams, Richard Austin, and Herbert Chang.

In Canada, he also played for the West Indies Toronto & District Cricket League Team as a fast bowler. 

Mr. Fitzroy Gordon served in the capacity as radio talk show host, sports reporter, R&B / Gospel music and television call-in show host. 

The Jamaican native, a former medical technologist who covered sports for FAN 590 and the Toronto Sun, and helmed the nightly Dr. Love show on CHIN-FM 100.7 FM for seven years, used birthing analogies to describe the feeling of powering up the transmitter atop First Canadian Place for the test run. 

Fitzroy Gordon President, of G98.7, received the Heritage and Youth award.

Fitzroy has more than 20 years of experience in Canadian broadcasting, including roles as a sports reporter, talk show host, R&B/Gospel music host, television call-in show host, and President/CEO of GCI Radio (a carrier of international live sports, talk and music programs).

He is well-known for his 19 years as host of CHIN Radio’s “Dr. Love Show”

Fitzroy Gordon, Founder and President of Toronto based radio station G98.7FM  is pleased to announce that he has been granted approval from the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to operate a national television station focused on the Black and Caribbean population of Canada.

“For years the Black and Caribbean community in Canada has expressed the need to have easier access to media that reflects their identity, By obtaining approval to establish this television station we have taken a significant step in bringing this shared vision to life,” said Gordon.

The station will air a wide range of local and international content, as well as originally produced programs, geared toward the entire family. will include everything from sitcoms to movies, drama series, documentaries, news, sports, talk shows, religious programs, tourism, festivals, carnivals, weather reports, cooking and music shows.

“For the first time in the history of Canada, Black and Caribbean people will have a national voice.

 It is also my desire to keep our distinct and authentic culture alive in this nation for generations to come,” said Fitzroy Gordon.

“A few years ago I promised to work hard to deliver a radio station to serve the population, as a result, G98.7FM was born. I then promised a television station, and now I am delivering on that promise,” Fitzroy Gordon said.


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