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Jan 29, 2012


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The event is the Feed the Children in Piura, Peru, Fundraiser. 

Mr. Goudas has been a supporter of this organization for many years and many people said to him that you are a Greek, why are you supporting the children in Peru, why not support children in Greece?

Mr. Goudas does not respond to questions like this. 

His decision to support any organization is a deep thought out process that is not based on race, religion, colour or age. 

The organization has to be legitimate and this particular organization has demonstrated an absolute need. 
It is a worthy cause.  There is no financial support from any government agency, church or world funding organizations.

The Letters of Appreciation Section within this website demonstrate the diversity of his generousity.

Mr. Nikos Kladitis and Mrs. Basiliki Aphantitis founded the organization and each year has a fundraising event which benefits hundreds of needy children.

Mr. Nicholas Kladitis and Ms. Basiliki Afaditis speaking with Mr.Goudas  MISSION IN PERU In the picture you can see Mr. Nicholas Kladitis and Ms. Basiliki Afaditis speaking with Mr.Goudas on their annual meeting discussing this year's donation to help fill a container for the Mission in Peru. Items such as: flour, milk, breakfast cereal, etc. are always welcome. Mr. Nicholas Kladitis came to Canada in 1960 from Rodos Island in Greece. He was employed by Air Canada for many years and has travelled around the world. On one of his trips to Peru, he came across a town called Pivra, one hour flight from Lima, where the need for support to the underprivileged, especially the children was a great necessity. Therefore, in 1988 he created an organization along with Ms. Basiliki Afaditis, also from Greece, to feed and support the children. This task is a major undertaking and the contribution and support from companies is absolutely necessary. They were very pleased to inform Mr.Goudas that the children are being well-fed and are happy. A picture says a thousand words: as you may see for yourself. Should any one of you reading this article feel that this organization is worthy of you contribution, kindly contact: Nicholas Kladitis at 416-497-6462 or e-mail Remember: We cannot feed the world, but every little bit helps. Sent to Spyros Peter Goudas a letter to post in the web

The project was begun by two individuals who witnessed first hand the need, and as retirees, invested their personal funds and time into the cause.

They discovered this needy area through their work with airlines that travelled back and forth from South America.

By the way, on the topic of Cyprus, this is just a reminder that when Spyros Peter Goudas had a one year extension from the Greek Army, to complete the construction of  buildings in Athens.

However, the Greek Government, through the Cyprus Conflict at the time, reversed the decision by enlisting him into the army immediately resulting in financial disaster for him. 
Let bygones be bygones.

You may read the entire story in his biography, The Immigrant eng. or Metanastis in Greek

Spyros Peter Goudas, Andreas Ioannou and Jacovos Giragosian Consul General of Cyprus had a wonderful evening discussing their homelands.

Spyros Peter Goudas, Andreas Ioannou and Jacovos Giragosian Consul General of Cyprus had a wonderful evening discussing their homelands



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