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Apr 3, 2009


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Mon Amour is the latest addition in the life of Mr.Goudas. 

She is a beautiful, sleek and elegant Siamese cat given to Mr. Goudas as a present at Christmas time as a replacement for Tiger who seemed to have just disappeared. 

Although it has been over a year, Mr. Goudas keeps looking and hoping that Tiger will reappear. 

With Irma and Tiger both gone, I sensed that there was void in his heart, and when the opportunity came along, with his permission, I presented the cat to him. 

He immediately fell in love with her. 

This explains her name, Mon Amour, which is the French translation for my love. 

Mon Amour is one classy cat. With two perfectly straight front legs, she walks along the premises with an air of grace. Maybe she knows that she is a pedigree cat, and that her new owner is not an ordinary person, but someone of significance because of all the places to explore. 

Mon Amour and Koukla, who seems to have accepted her as a friend, keep Mr. Goudas company on the weekends. 

Mon Amour is developing some amazing habits. For example, Mr. Goudas places a bit of milk into a glass and she dips one paw into the milk, licks the milk off and continues to do so until all the milk is gone. 

Naturally, this process sometimes takes quite a bit of time. 

You may read about Mr. Goudas and his love for animals in the following books: Koukla, Irma and Tiger, and Canada Geese

Since it was such a beautiful day today, with an exceptionally early Spring in Canada, and being a national holiday, Good Friday, Mr. Goudas had a bit of recreational time and took Mon Amour outside to familiarize her with the outdoors, the sun and the birds, but especially to have her walk around beside him for a whole block.

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