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May 4, 2009


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Two years ago, each time it rained and when the snow melted, one of the secretaries complained that she felt something dropping on her head. 

Next year she said she would take singing lessons to be able to sing along to Gene Kelley's, song, "Singing in the rain". 

The experts were called in and advised that we had a roof problem. 

The solution to the problem came in the form of JN Roofing. James and his crew arrived (to the satisfaction of the ladies in the office) to assess the damage and proceed with repairs. 

Upon completion of the job, once presented with the bill, Mr, Goudas ever the businessman, began to play lets make a deal. 

He asked if they liked rice and which kind. No deal! 
He went on to offer sliced peaches. No deal!

He tried to offer olives from Greece, considered one of the best in the world. Still, no deal. 

Mr. Goudas instructed his secretary to continue offering products until a deal was reached. 

The deal breaker came in the form of a 20% discount for placing their telephone numbers right here. 

So, for all your roofing needs, contact James at JN Roofing. 
Cell: 905-781-8199. Office: 905-696-8088. 

They are very professional, responsible and reliable

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