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Apr 13, 2009


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"Who knows if I will have the pleasure of being reunited with them next year!"

The above is a direct quote from the booklet entitled, Canada Geese, written by Spyros Peter Goudas, aka Mr. Goudas, two years ago. 

Well, some of them have returned!

These two Canada Geese strolled into the lobby of our corporate office and stood directly in front of the books display. 

Maybe they heard about how famous they had become after the booklet was published. 

Mr. Goudas was thrilled to see them. We are sure they knew that they were welcome. 

Not even Koukla's presence prevented them from popping in to say hello. 

You may obtain a copy of this booklet, and any of the other 30, at selected supermarkets. Or, on the main page of

CANADA GEESE BOOK "During the early weeks of winter Canadians are very acquainted with the traditional quacking sound coming from above followed by a flock of birds in a somewhat V-formation flying south. This is the migration of the Canada geese to warmer ground in the south. Thy usually return in early spring. I have witnessed scenes like this hundreds of times during my years in Canada but I never paid too much attention to it; until they had the nerve, guts and the audacity to knock at my window and look at me right in the eye!..."

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