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Apr 5, 2009


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Here is a current picture of Sypros Peter Goudas. 

With the floaters in his eyes now gone, the strength returning to his back and its associated pain that had him incapacitated as a result of a simple, sneezing accident.

Peter spyros Goudas seems to be returning to full form. He is feeling much better now.

Needless to say, during the last few years he was working more than ever before in spite back pain, to create quite a few more products which you have seen, or maybe even purchased, at the supermarkets. Others of which will be launched sometime soon. 

In the last few years, he has writtten thirty (30) plus booklets which you have propably seen at the supermarkets, fleamarkets, hospitals, food banks, etc. They span topics ranging from how to make Latino tamales to Indian samosas. 

Of course, he has just celebrated another milestone age wise and is still as productive and dignified as ever. 

He does not look like other pictures of some years ago within this site, and his hair is not all black. 

After all, everyone gets older. 

He is able occasionally to walk quite well without the aid of a cane. 

In the booklet with the title, Miracles Still Do Happen, you will gain insight into the impact a simple sneeze had on his health. 

You may read this boolket on the main page of at the bottom of the page. 

Many of the other booklets can also be viewed there. 

And according to the last paragraph in one of his booklets, he stated: 

Thank the Lord who keeps me healthy in this stage of my life. 

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