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Apr 5, 2009

Peru Mission was very successful. Ms. Basiliki Afaditis and

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The annual fundraising luncheon for the Puira, Peru Mission was very successful. 

The hall was full to capacity. 

The food was plentiful, thanks to Peter Spyros Goudas. 

Pictures of the event are posted on under the link, Peru Mission

Ms. Basiliki Afaditis, co-founder of the organization, treated the attendees to the Abba song, I have a dream. 

In addition, she surprised everyone while on stage by stating the following joke: 

An older couple went to a restuarant and when the waiter came in and asked them for the order, the husband calling his wife by different names, for instance, darling, sweetheart, beautiful, honey, etc., finally the waiter took the order and a few minutes later he came back.

Once at the table, he realized that his wife was not sitting there, may be she was in the bathroom.

So, as he was placing the items on the table he told the gentleman that he was impressed to see that after so many years of marriage, he still refered to his wife by such sweet names.

The gentleman responded, "I have never told her but I have been diagnosed with amnesia, and I can not remember her name." 

Have a good day now.

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