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Apr 4, 2009

relationship with Senor Alfonso Velasquez has developed over the years.

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Should you have the time to visit the Archives Section, Christmas Party 1995 link, then you will see Mr. Goudas speaking to his employees about a gentleman who came from Peru for a visit to Canada. 

Since then, of course, the relationship with Senor Alfonso Velasquez has developed over the years. 
His company has canned different products for Goudas Foods.
Some of them include Pigeon peas or Congo peas, Lima beans, etc. 

Finally, after all these years, accompanied by his wife, Rita, Alfonso visited his old friend in Canada for a friendly weekend visit, and to discuss the possibility of canning additional products, such as, Artichokes, Roasted Peppers and Asparagus. 

It is very important to remember states Alfonso, that in the year 1994, Goudas Foods gave me my first order for canning Pigeon peas. 
It gave me the luck for the future, since today, my company is one of the larger suppliers of Pigeon peas in the world. 

In addition, we will forever remember the confidence of Peter Goudas for importing pigeon peas from Star Canning in Peru.
Back then, it was the first time Pigeon peas were canned in Peru. 

It was an historical moment because only the Dominican Republic and Ecuador were producing Pigeon peas.

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