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Jan 16, 2009

The Association of Greco-Canadians

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You do not have to be an Einsten or a rock scientist to figure out how old Mr.Goudas is. His date of birth and age has been published everywhere. 

In fact, at one association function the announcer, when introducing Mr. Goudas, referred to him as crabby old man. 

There is some truth in this statement because, as I am writing this, I have to take it a one step farther and raise it to double crabby. (Hopefully, I still have a job.) 

Nonetheless, he is loved by all nationalities regardless of the age, and especially at all senior citizen,s homes. 

The plaque in the photo states that the above association has unanimously decided to make Mr. Goudas a permanent member, effective 2009 and forward. 

Of course, one of the booklets titled, Miracles Still Do Happen, written by him, explains in detail the transition of his life. 

Some people view it as a tragic event, others see it differently. 

However, when Mr. Goudas finished the publication of the above article, in the last sentence, he wrote the following: 

Now, I am 65 years old and I am better than ever before. 

I can walk some times without the assistance of a cane. 

I can drive without dark glasses and I control my blood 

pressure, until one of my secretaries causes it to rise. 

I thank the Lord for keeping me in the top shape I am in, at this stage of my life. 

Those are wonderful words to read at the finale of this is inspiring booklet that has already been distributed at many senior citizen,s homes. 

He has not slowed down or decreased his work load. In fact, he is working more than ever. 

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