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May 31, 2005

Mr. Goudas Baked Butter Beans In Tomato Sauce

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Item #1095 

Finally arrived in Canada. 

After a long process involving taste-test after taste-test, experiments and modifications, Mr. Goudas has taken everyones favourite, Butter Beans, perfected them and has brought them to our homes, baked in tomato sauce, in a convenient ready-to-eat individual serving size, or as a side dish for the whole family. 

Initially, it seemed like an easy task to produce this masterpiece. However, as the work progressed some of the beans became cracked, soggy or completely mashed. On another occasion they were over-cooked and the skin fell off. To balance the taste, flavour, appearance, the combination of spices and arriving at the precise texture, it was a very huge undertaking. Mr. Goudas in collaboration with Mr. Theologos Kangelidis from Bulgaria finally hit the jackpot and went through with the production. The first shipment has arrived in Canada. 

As always when a new product arrives, the employees become guinea pigs. There were only positive responses to this product. Everyone loved it, a whole case was eaten within a short time. 

Mr. Goudas has brought this wonderful, magnificent creation to you and hope that Mr. Goudas Baked Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce becomes one of your favourite ready-to-eat dishes. 

Enjoy! And remember: With Goudas on the label, you always have good food on the table. 

(New version of the original slogan 2005 edition, by Bernadette.) 

Mama MIA!! Imagine your next dinner party: 

Mr. Goudas Baked Butter Beans

Mr. Goudas Eggplant Imam 

Mr. Goudas Cabbage Rolls 

Mr. Goudas Stuffed Peppers 

Mr. Goudas Marinated Bean Salad 

All served on a bed of Mr. Goudas Rice. 

Dessert: Mr. Goudas Exotic Fruit Cocktail 

Mr. Goudas Mango Slices 

Drinks: An assortment of Mr. Goudas beverages 

Bon Appetit!! 

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