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Feb 12, 2005

Mr. Goudas and Dalton McGuinty the Premier of Ontario

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Mr. Goudas and Dalton McGuinty the Premier of Ontario

Although he is forever saying that he never goes anywhere and that he is always working, there are occasions that he has to put on that three-piece suit and explore the world. 

When you receive a: "You are cordially invited, to a function and the opportunity to chat and have a photo opportunity with the Premier of Ontario", of course you accept. 

However, we cannot figure this one out. Is Mr. Goudas too short or Is Mr. McGuinty too tall? 

Oh, silly us, it is the photographer who was nervous about being in the company of Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas that the other person in the photo seemed insignificant to him. (Your smile for the day or next 2 or 3 years!) 

Mr. Goudas was really pleased to be part of the occasion and wanted to share this with you.

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