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Jan 26, 2005

Goudas Presents the Costa Rican Collection

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 It is end of January and the new year 2005 has well began.

The past summer, Mr. Goudas was returning from his trip to Costa Rica with hundreds of ideas and propositions for new products to be introduced to Canada.
Now, the plans have been realized, and Goudas Foods is proud to present the Costa Rican Collection! 

There are so many new products to try, and so many to love.
From the delicious purees (onion, garlic, ginger, coriander), to the amazing sauces (red basco, mango-coconut, chatpati chatney), to exotic new tastes (chimichurri, jiardiniera, chayote, skordalia), and of course to the Habbanero peppers, Mr. Goudas has chosen well all the best flavours. 

Welcome the Costa Rican taste to your home and 'brighten' your cooking style! 

Friendly reminder from Goudas Foods: If these products are not available at the store where you presently do your shopping, then ask the manager to order them for you.

If your request is not met, that means that you may have to consider changing store.


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