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Jun 29, 2010


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Ms. Anastasia Papadopoulou is a second year high school student, at Proodos School.
(In English means progress.)

The principal of the school Mr. Michael Vatsoulis (Batsoulis) presented Mr. Goudas with this wonderful poem which is dedicated to him.

It a well written poem, and translating it into English would cause it to loose its essence.

Basically, it relates how Mr. Goudas arrived penniless in this country (with an empty luggage) and he achieve whatever he achieved and emphasized his genourisity.

Mr. Goudas was sincerely impressed and mentioned that Anastasia Papadopoulou must have read his biography and must have wonderful talent to write such a poem.

One of these days, we may find someone to properly translate.
In the meantime, have one of your Greek friends interpret this for you.
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