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Jul 1, 2007


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Today we celebrate Canada,s 140th Birthday. 

Major celebrations are happening everywhere. 

Mr. Goudas took a little time out to visit The Downsview Merchants Market, otherwise known as the Downsview flea market. 

The weather was beautiful and instead of eating in, he decided to enjoy the sunshine and atmosphere of the day and had a sandwich outside. 

He had hoped to mix and mingle with the crowd without being recognized. Well at least he thought that. 

For a moment he joined the musician outside, Dr. Phil,s band in a box, in a duet on his harmonica while Dr. Phil on a wind instrument made of bamboo and among others, they played the song Chiquitita by Abba. 

Needless to say, Dr. Phil was pleasantly surprised to realize who the harmonica playing gentleman happened to be after a newspaper reporter and author, Winston Harding, in the audience proceeded to explain Mr. Goudas life story from over 40 years ago. 

Dr. Phil,s Band in a Box is a unique one-man entertainment centre, organized with speakers, microphones, sound system and a collection box complete with a dancing skeleton with a horn in his hand. Dr. Phil sings, and plays the harmonica, saxaphone, trumpet, flute, etc. and is available for bookings for all occasions at 905-686-6369. 

By now we all know that Mr. Goudas loves playing the harmonica. In fact, it was one of the few possessions he brought when he arrived in Canada. It helped him with the cash flow during the early rough days when he first arrived and was sleeping on the streets. 

It was not long before word got out that he was around and obviously people wanted to meet him or shake hands with him. 

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