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May 24, 2007

Oceans Fresh Food Market Store Opening

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Oceans Fresh Food Market has opened its doors at 150 West Drive in Brampton. 

The store is unique, beautifully decorated and spacious. The atmosphere is friendly and there is ample parking. 

There is an abundance of every item you may need on your shopping list from fresh live fish, meat, vegetables, juices, milk, eggs, cereal, even house wares and household items. 

There are brand name groceries for all nationalities including: Mr. Goudas with more than 500 items, Aurora, Young and Young (Y & Y), Grace, Mamma Lucia, Click, Ferma, Unico, Primo, Maaza, Tampico, Sunny Delight, Neilson, Nestles, Five Roses, Robin Hood, Billy Bee, Hellmans, Frenchs, Jewel of the Indies, Tai Tai, Tusk #5, Botan, Kellogs, Clic, Kubus, Vita Malt, V8, Orangina, Quakers, Nutrament, Fruiti. 
Compared to conventional grocery stores which promote private labels with a little variety, Oceans has been able to accommodate all nationalities. Even the average Canadian would be happy shopping there and experiment with brand name foods from all over the world. 

The above fact is not only limited to Oceans, but is transferred to most of the ethnic supermarkets dominating the market today. 

As time has passed by, we have noticed that more and more independent food stores are opening everywhere, through out Canada. The owners of these new ethnic stores are following in the footsteps of Mr. Goudas when he opened a small grocery store on Baldwin Street in Kensington Market (College and Spadina) almost 40 years ago. What he did at the time, was to bring products personally requested by his ever-increasing multicultural customers

Today, ethic clientele is more than 75% of the total purchasing power, at least in the major cities of Canada.

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