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Mar 28, 2007


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Hello Everyone! 

It is 9:20 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 2007. It is not unusual that I am sitting here at work. My hours have been re-arranged because my boss apparently works 29 hours a day. Anyway, tomorrow Thursday, March 29, 2007 he will be 65 years old. 

Happy Birthday, Sir! 

Congratulations on reaching such a milestone in life! Thank you for what you have done and accomplished in this time period and may our great and wonderful God, our Father Almighty, continue to bless you and keep you strong, healthy and productive for many, many more years. For without you, there will be a terrible void left in the world, because you have made it possible for millions of people to have good food on their table. There are no words to describe my gratitude and appreciation for everything you have done and I am very privileged to have made your acquaintance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

An e-mail arrived in the office today from one of our many suppliers. It has been reproduced exactly as is and is a sincere testament to the Man for all seasonings, rice products, beans and peas, soups and prepared meals, canned vegetables, beverages and drinks, tomato products and pastes, canned fruits, sugar, flour, sauces, condiments, spices, etc. Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas, who for almost 40 years has dedicated his life to a mission which has been successfully accomplished in spite of many trials, disappointments, personal tragedy and grief. The text of the e-mail is as follows: 

My name is Theologos Kangelidis, my English is poorest than semi poor. But my will to express my opinion for Mr. S. Peter Goudas is very strong and I will try to do it anyway I can. I hope I will be understandable. Before about a few years, I was so much disappointed of my life and so tired from all the bad moments I had with my work (after few years of hard work I had set up a little factory for canned food) in Bulgaria (I am Greek).

I was looking to the net for some companies to collaborate with and send to them some samples. As I search I found a website called MR. GOUDAS I wrote a letter to him and after a while I had already an answer which left me surprised.

How fast this man reply to me although he was very busy with all his products. After a long conversation with the man, I left with the opinion that he is a very clever hard working man looking for perfection for his products. But all this was like a fairy tale for me, because he said to me that he will advance money and raw materials to me. You see I was in a difficult time. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE IT SINCE WE DO NOT KNOW EACH OTHER!!! 

The next morning they call me from my bank that an amount of US dollars has arrived from Canada to my account. I do not believe it! Yes, its true!!! After a short time, a whole load from MR.GOUDAS raw material to begin production of his products arrived in Bulgaria for me. 

Since that day till today, me and Peter have produce more than 35 articles under MR. GOUDAS brand, all of them under his straight observe and opinion (you see, he wants the best in the world and not less) and we are good friends more than business partners. Honestly, I am 45 years old and I have seen many things in my life. For first time I have met a person like him. 

Words are very poor to express this entire phenomenon called Spyros Peter Goudas (??????-????? ??????)! He is a whole catalogue from qualities: Honest, HARD WORKING, human, sensitive, clever, hard to the difficulties of life, funny when he has the time, simple and thousands more. If he was not near to me, at all these hard moments of my life I really do not know if I was here today. I pray to God every day to keep him alive and healthy because he is a good man. I want to thank him in a very open and public way for all people to see who Mr.Goudas is. If the world had 2 men like him maybe life was better for sure. 

And to close this long letter, I must thank all his team in his company (they are all of them perfect). And all his valuable customers that they respect so much his name and his products which without any date are the best in the world! I am proud to serve him and his company!!! 

With all my respect, Theologos Kangelidis, ELVIRA Co. 

As I continue to type this I am overwhelmed. The above letter perfectly describes this man whom we all know as MR. GOUDAS, and I sincerely believe it is the most appropriate Happy Birthday and Thank You to SPYROS PETER GOUDAS. 

Since I have been recording the details of his life for his autobiography titled The Immigrant, I have become aware of the strength and determination of Mr. Goudas. We love you sir and never ever forget that. You have made the world a better place! Happy Birthday Sir! You are an inspiration to all of us. 

From all your faithful employees, and of course, Koukla. 


March 29th: The big day arrived! 

We have selected a few momentos to allow you to be part of this special occasion. 

The group photo is of Mr. Goudas and some of his loyal employees on the occasion of his surprise party. 

In a brief speech, he thanked everyone for their loyalty and sincerity. He emphasized that they are his family, and his eyes and ears in producing the best quality products the world has to offer for the millions of consumers who are faithful to his brand. And that each and every employee is responsible for the quality of the product going out to our loyal consumers. The words loyal, loyalty, quality and best, are very important to this organization, and especially to Mr. Goudas. After all, he has spent 40 years of his life working endlessly and tirelessly to obtain the confidence of our consumers. 

It was a wonderful party. He was at a loss for words for a few moments, and with tears in his eyes he vowed to continue doing his best as long as God grants him the health and strength to do so. 

Later on that evening, he was being interviewed by several Radio and Television stations. The funny part was, that at one particular point the make-up artist was trying to make an unruly bunch of hair, that continually stood up in the middle of his head, stay down. However, Mr. Goudas without hesitation and without losing his sense of humour said to the gentleman while the camera was still rolling -man, leave it alone to stand up, at least at my age I still have something to stand up! - whatever that means! 

At another interview he was reminded that in his biography he had stated that - at age 25 anyone can perform miracles! He was asked what he thought about that saying now that he is 65, and whether it still applied. Yes, he responded, I can still perform miracles. But after a short pause, he added - maybe not as many. 

All in all, Mr. Goudas thanks everyone for the wonderful day that Thursday, March 29, 2007 turned out to be. 

The following are some of the birthday messages he received. There were hundreds of them but we selected a few for you to read: 


Dear Mr. Goudas, 

In the name of our Great God and Wonderful Saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ, I wish you a very BLESSED and WONDERFUL 65th Birthday. I thank you for the food that you have manufactured for us. So much of your food is in our household; spices, sauces, chick peas, mackerel, etc., and we enjoy it all so very much and the prices are still affordable. 

With warmest and best regards, 

Mrs. Susanne Gyasi 


Dear Mr. Goudas, 

I am very happy and honored to wish you a most happy birthday! On your 65th birthday, I am sure you can recollect the many accomplishments that your business has achieved. But, more than that, you have touched the lives of countless people in very positive ways, including myself. Thank you. 

May God bless you with joy and peace on this special day, and for many more years to come. 

With warmest regards, Robert 


Happy Birthday Mr. Goudas! We wish you many more years of good health and happiness. May Angels surround you and yours, and may our Lord keep you safely in the palm of his hand. 

My husband and I also celebrate a milestone today. March 29 is the day we met 44 years ago and we have kept this day special for each of those 44 years. In 2006 we celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary and I feel blessed that my husband is still my Sir Lancelot and I remain his Lady. 

Sincerely, Bryon & Sharon Duffy 


Dear Sir you have reached my age, from now on it is time to enjoy your life at it's fullest, wish you the best and congratulate you for the hard work you did to bring us, the customers, your best products. 

Sincerely Luciano Aldo Babocci 


Congratulations on your 65th birthday today. I'm very happy to have you as my longest running customer and I have always enjoyed our time together discussing local business, having lunch and going to professional wrestling events. You have always treated me fairly and honestly throughout our over 17 yrs doing business together, even when I was very wet behind the ears and you knew more about my business than I did. 

Knowing the struggles and battles that you have had in starting a food company and the successes you have had over the years, beginning with your immigration to Canada, as my father & his brothers have experienced. I am always in awe of your drive and determination to make something great from nothing and to be motivated daily by the business we are in. 

I wish you, your family and your staff all the best and continued success in the years to come. 

Sincerely; Tim 


A very Happy Birthday. It seems you are admired in many corners of the world. Let me just say, I'm glad you chose Canada. 

Sincerely, John Benham (A Happy Birthday to you from a happy customer). 


Dear Peter: I wish to extend my very best wishes to you on your birthday. Since meeting you in 1994 I have had the distinct pleasure (and indeed the honour) to be associated with you, your business, your family and staff. Peter, I cannot tell you how much I value your friendship and how your life and your success has been such a personal inspiration for me. May you continue to offer this inspiration for many many more years. 

Happy Birthday! John Matthews 


Hey Peter Happy Birthday... and thank you for doing the wonderful job with all that lovely food. I have a cupboard full of it and it makes me feel happy to look at my tins of stuffed vine leaves'delicious' and those chick pea type soups are just heaven. So have a good one. Paul J. 


Dear Mr. Goudas - 

Congratulations on your 65th birthday - may you celebrate the day with those who love you most! 

Your company continues to make some of the best canned products I have ever had, and the response I received from Goudas Foods with respect to my query regarding the rice and leek mixture was unprecedented. It was then that I realized what an amazing company, and what remarkable employees, you have cultivated over the years. 

May you, and all the good people at Goudas Foods, enjoy many, many more years doing what you do best! 

With best wishes for a wonderful day.... 

Sincerely, Sarah Lawson. 


Hello Mr Goudas, 

I hope you have a wonderful and fantastic day, please celebrate this special occasion and don't work too much since it's only 1 day in 365 days to celebrate this day. 

Have a very nice happy birthday!!!! 

Best Regards, Rafael Vargas 


Yasou Mr. Goudas: 

May the good Lord keep you healthy and well so that you can continue to help others. I hope to visit you soon and bring my new beloved dog Lion. Last year was difficult for me as I lost both my dogs (Kristie & Bear). I struggled to carry on but it has not been easy. Now with new puppy it is easier. I have attached a picture of Lion. I might bring him over for a visit. 

God Bless, 

Ronia Gortsos 


Dear Mr. Goudas, 

I found out today is your 65th birthday and I wanted to wish you a wonderful day and long, long life. May you live, love and laugh each day to the fullest and may our Gracious Lord allow His Grace to shine down on you and your family every day. Give Koukla a hug for me, too :-) 

Thank you for helping so many people on this earth. Me included :-) 

Love and Huggles, Ellen McLeod 


Dear Mr. Peter Goudas, 

We are pleased to greet you on your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 

We have been following your policies and progress through the years. One day, we hope to contribute, too. 

Best wishes, Kumar J. Sujan 


Many many congratulations and best wishes for the future. The reason I wanted to personally send an email is that about 3 years ago I called Mr.Goudas (the company) about some tinned fruits and evaporated milk that was spoilt. Within 3 days I had received replacements as well as some other samples. That day I was convinced that the senior management of the company really values good customer service and for this all credit goes to Mr. Peter Goudas. 

Congratulations once again! 

Fartab Ahmed 


Dear Peter, 

It is a wonderful moment for all of us to convey our Great wishes on your 65th birthday. 

When I met you for the first time, couple of years earlier, at first few conversations, I noticed such a 

simple man with Great vision, courage and knowledge. That day is still with me as I feel to learn, in life, something from you. Happy Birthday Peter!! 

Thanks, Jag Biswas. 


Dear Mr. Goudas: happy happy birthday. May you have many more and may you continue to bless others as you've been blessed. People who work with you are treated like family. I believe that is how we should be with each other. Your events, articles, etc. -- its like being with family. Thank you. 

Opal Sparks of Toronto, Ontario 


Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas. 

I would like to extend my warm wishes on your 65th birthday. Even though we are not business partners and or close friends, I truly appreciate past opportunities that you have provided me with and the work that you do within the community. Your products are truly exceptional and are representation of who you are as a person and Canadian business. 

Have a wonderful day David Speranza 


Agaphte k. Gouda, 

Sas euxomai xronia polla, me kalh ugeia kai gemata epituxies gia to Goudas Foods kai to FlyerMall. Panta geros na'ste kai na sunexizete etsi, opws mexri shmera, na mas epirreazete gia na douleuoume sklhra kai na exoume upomonh wspou na epituxoume. 

Diabasa to gramma ths Mari kai tou Theologou... Polu sugkinhtika kai ta duo kai polu wraia grammena. Einai toso omorfo pou kai oi upallhloi kai oi sunergates sas agapoun kai ektimoun toso polu. 

Sas euxomai na perasete omorfa gennethlia! 

Me agaph, Sofia 


Happy Birthday Mr. Gouda ! We wish you many more years of good health and happiness. May Angels surround you and yours, and may our Lord keep you safely in the palm of his hand. 


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