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Jan 28, 2007


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Setting up a brand new section in a supermarket is a huge undertaking. 

Existing products on the shelves have to be removed to other sections. Once the shelves are completely empty, they have to be repositioned to accommodate the new products. 

These products have to be relevant to the demographics and ethnicity of the area. 

The process begins after the heavy traffic at the store slows down and the job has to be completed, with correct price tags in place, before the appointed opening time of the store the next day. 

A group of Goudas Foods sales personnel are usually present to ensure that the job is completed. 

On this particular occasion, Mr. Goudas himself was present due to the fact that at this particular Zellers Store, the whole aisle, plus 20 floor displays, were dedicated to Goudas Food products. 

The following anecdote is a true story of what happened on one occasion when a store was set up in Montreal under the supervision of Panos Goudas. After all the work was done, everyone happy admiring the section, and the display was looking so beautiful, it was time to take pictures. 

At this unexpected moment, the whole shelf from one end of the wall to another tumbled to the ground trapping one of our crew. Obviously with thousands of dollars in damages to the cans, bottles, pepper sauce, callalloo, tomato sauces all over the place. 

When finally we rescued the guy from under the shelf covered with sauces, and we asked him what happened, he said: "This is crazy. I just had some Mr. Goudas 9 Symphony Bean Mix, so I was trying to imitate Bethoven's symphony when I was farting, but I did not realize I had created such a loud masterpiece to make all the shelves collapse!"

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