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Dec 25, 2006

I was just about to write you a nasty letter

Dear Mr. Goudas: 

I am one of these individuals who spend time scanning the Internet, exploring and obtaining information in the privacy of my home environment.
I am a big fan of Mr. Goudas products and with time on my hands, I decided to explore your site, with particular interest in obtaining a recipe for cous cous.
I always wondered why you did not have cooking instructions on the package, but after I went into the products section under cous cous, I saw the blurb about the thousands of recipes available on the Internet and realized why.
I was just about to write you a nasty letter giving you some s**t, when something within your website aroused my attention and I forgot about the cous cous. 

I spent hours and hours reading the articles. I am overwhelmed with the wealth of information on your website. I always thought Mr. Goudas was some fictional character, not a living and breathing human being. There are so many events, happenings, products, etc.! 

There seems to be many facets to this Mr. Goudas person: an innovator, a creator, a philanthropist, and an animal lover. I was fascinated with the Koukla story.
The narration by Jesse MacDonald is out of this world. Then the trouble when you broke your leg and drove yourself to the hospital, and then the bank pulling the plug on you. The article about Costa Rica in which you made the Latinos very proud, and then your boldness with the Columbians, which I applaud! 

I went to the events section and was expecting to see the current events first, but no! The website shows you the old events first. I followed the pattern and I started reading year by year. I went through your life story very thoroughly and I spent hours reading and reading and clicking here and clicking there. 

My goodness! What a website!! The information seems endless! I finally arrived at the current events: I stumbled upon your New Years Resolution and was totally flabbergasted. I was just thinking to myself - who would see a business man like yourself in the office on New Years Day? After I read the article, I smiled to myself. I felt like this was a jigsaw puzzle and the most important piece in the middle is missing. Who are you? A spiritual side?! Wow. 

Nonetheless, Mr. Goudas, your January 01, 2006 greeting should be applauded. Thank you.
The hymn you so amply explored here is one of my long time favourites.
I never before knew the history that came with it. And right here in Canada, eh? 

Thank you. May you have many wonderfully successful years!

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