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Nov 20, 2006

Biography book feedback

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Good afternoon Mr. Goudas,

Mr. Sultan lent me your biography book a while back. I was very inspired by it and somehow... ended up making a portrait drawing of yourself. 

This was very spontaneous. I know it's not perfect. I would be curious to know your perception of it. 
Best regards, Amani Saif 

From: "Bernadette" 
To: "Amani saif" Subject: RE: portrait 
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 
Dear Amani: 
Your spontaneous portrait of Mr. Goudas is awesome. 
When Mr. Goudas saw it he said he wishes he were young again to match the portrait. 
Nevertheless, he likes it very much and would like to receive your permission to post it in the Events section of the along with a short feedback about your opinion of his "not-yet-published" biography 
Regards, Bernadette 

Dear Bernadette, 
Thank you very much for your feedback. It would be my pleasure to have publish the portrait on his website, 

With regards to the biography, please find attached my feedback to be included as per your request. 
Sincerely, Amani Saif 

Amani Saif 

Mr. Goudas biography takes you on a special journey; one that is as interesting, dramatic, eventful and pact full of wisdom as any major work of literature. 
From the time young Spyros begins his work at a clay factory to the time Goudas Foods becomes an international symbol for quality, Mr.Goudas delivers great inspiration for hard work, determination, building standards for excellence and ongoing contribution to all people. 

Upon reading the full biography, I felt as if I had entered Mr. Goudas world. I re-examined his picture on the book cover. His facial expressions matched the stories in his life. There was intensity where life has been intense, and grace where dreams have been fulfilled. 
To you, Mr. Goudas, I dedicate this portrait to express my gratitude for sharing your biography with all readers and myself.
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