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Nov 18, 2006


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There are many ways to spell the Beryani and also many different outcomes depending on the preparation.

Nevertheless, Mr. Goudas has developed the new Parboiled Basmati Rice and, as a consequence, gave samples to different individuals to come back with their opinion.
This afternoon at the office Mr. Goudas was pleasantly surprised when on particular individual surprised him with a whole pot full of the Beryani dish - Persian style - complete with almonds, meat, onions, etc., pita bread with a minced meat filling complemented the meal. Needless to say, the office staff ate to their hearts' content.
In the picture you can see Mr. Haroud explaining to Mr. Goudas the preparations.
You can also view the pot and platter with the pita bread. 

The new Parboiled Basmati Rice will soon be available under the Jewel of the Indies brand name at your local super marke
If you think for a moment that you could buy any blow joe brand coming up from anywhere, stamp the word "superior Basmati Rice" on the bag or have it labelled as 642, 557, 401, 427, 400, 407, etc., then you better read the book titled, RICE, written by Spyros Peter Goudas, and you will have a better understanding about the subject of Rice, the different varieties, method of cooking and preparation.

Therefore, when you go to the grocery store to purchase a bag of rice, do not feel that the price has anything to do with the quality of the rice.


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