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Jul 17, 2006

Mmmmm! Who Can Resist This?

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As we were enjoying this dinner, Mr. Goudas began telling us a story regarding the New Years article
(New Year's Resolution.) 

He mentioned that since the article was posted in the Goudas Foods website, several newspapers asked for the rights to have this article reprinted in their newspapers. 

He gave them the authorization to do so, and most of them printed the article as written. 

However, one particular newspaper, which translated the article in another language, did not have enough space to fit the whole article. 

So, they thought it would be a good idea to modify it and they removed certain sections. 

The new and modified version of this story left out the part where 

Mr. Goudas says: I then proceeded to the computer 

to check my of them caught my interest. 

Instead, the newspaper stated that when Mr. Goudas was at his office on New Years day, suddenly angels came from the skies to sing to him. 

Under normal circumstances no one would pay too much attention to this sentence.
However, unexpectedly some people did focus on this statement. 

A month after this newspaper article was published, one day Mr. Goudas was advised by his secretary that a gentleman was waiting to talk to him privately in the lobby. 

When Mr. Goudas went to see this gentleman, he was told that this man's 95 year old mother was in the car, requesting to speak with him in private. Apparently, his mother was under the impression that Mr. Goudas was a Holy man since she had heard that angels came to him. 

She was brought into Mr. Goudas office in a wheelchair and they spent more than an hour, talking privately. 

Later, when we asked Mr. Goudas to share his conversation with this lady, he said that it was confidential and not to be shared with anyone. 

There is no doubt that this article is very special. Therefore, after posting it on the website, we thought it would be wonderful to create this booklet for everyone to read and enjoy because most of us are familiar with the Hymn, 
"What A Friend We Have In Jesus", but never knew the story behind it. 

Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas made this possible through writing this article to raise everyone's awareness. 

We thank him. 

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