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Jun 24, 2006

Mr Goudas at Wedding Reception of Jan and Ivan Lee

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This picture was taken at the Wedding Reception for Jan and Ivan Lee.

Obviously, Mr. Goudas has attended many wedding receptions but Jan is a good friend of Mr.Goudas and he made it a special point to attend this reception. 

If you have never attended a Chinese/Malaysian wedding reception you are missing out on a few things.

Firstly, the food is unbelievable: anything your heart desires. You can easily gain a few pounds at a reception.

But, the funniest part of all is that at one point and time, the groom stands on a chair and the bride holds a cucumber in her hand and slowly pushes it up the leg of the groom's trousers.

Eventually, she has to position it so that it will find it way down the other leg of the trousers.
But some where along the way, she finds herself holding two cucumbers and at this point the groom shouts out.

We do not know why! Needless to say, she spent some time there with both hands trying to find the right cucumber. Obviously, everyone in attendance had a great time.

On behalf of the Goudas Foods Organization, we wish Jan and Ivan Lee a long, happy and prosperous life together.


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