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Jun 7, 2006


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Mr. Goudas Potato Garlic Spread or Skordalia (the Greek word for Garlic Spread) is the latest baby in the ready-to-serve category. 

Made from fresh potatoes and garlic, this product is sure to please the pickiest of eaters. If you are not allergic to garlic and you are a potato lover, then this product is for you. The easy-pull can is an added convenience. 

Simply open the can, scoop out the contents unto a plate, gently spread with a fork.
Add a few drop of Mr. Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil and be prepared to enjoy this mouth-watering taste. Savour the flavour!! 

This may be served as an aperitif, a spread on bread or crackers, or as a side dish.
The choice is yours. The Greeks usually enjoy this Skordalia with bakala or cod fish. 
We have given you some ideas on how to eat this, however, this may be eaten all by itself. 

When Mr. Goudas thought about this product, he envisioned only people who loved garlic, therefore, it has not been made for any particular nationality; in this case it is international


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