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May 6, 2006

JOHN MPARDAKIS Focus on the Distribution of the Chimichurri

If you have a chance to read the biography, on page 106 there is an article written by John Mpardakis about the trip to Costa Rica made by Mr. Goudas

John stated that No one ever thought of us poor employees who unsuspectedly greeted Mr. Goudas back.
Thinking that our everyday routine could not be disturbed by one small innocent trip. 

In the photo you see Mr. Goudas giving John a sharp kick in the butt because he was telling everyone not to convince Mr. Goudas to take another trip ever again. Do to the fact that upon returning from said trip, the amount of work to focus on is mind boggling. 

Nevertheless, the article written by John was so beautiful that Mr. Goudas changed his mind at the last minute and re-hired John Mpardakis to focus on the distribution of the Chimichurri and other products related to Costa Rica.

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