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Mar 17, 2006

Mr. Goudas Meeting with the Korea Food Research Institute

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Today, we had the pleasure of welcoming in Toronto three representatives from the Korean Food Research Institute, who are visiting for an enlightning meeting with Mr. Goudas.

The purpose of the visit was to research the preparation processes for various products available in the Canadian food market, including the maple leaf syrup process.

Mr. Goudas himself saw this meeting as one of the constant steps he makes into enhancing his international cooking pot. He especially appreciated acquiring interesting and useful information, as for example the fact that Korean consumers do not favour the presence of heavy syrup, or sugar, in their meals and even in many desserts. 

The meeting was pleasant for both parties, who enjoyed getting acquinted and discussing other subjects, beyond the business interess, as for example the commonalities and differences between the two cultures, and special characteristics of their respective countries.

Dr. Ho-Moon Seog (left in the picture), the Principal Research Scientist in the Food Material Processing Technology Division, noted particularly that he found the meeting impressive, and the team of representatives concluded their visit expressing their appreciation for a warm welcome from Goudas Foods, and a very positive and informative meeting with Mr. Goudas.
They also had the opportunity to enjoy some of the Mr. Goudas products.
Mrs. Sandra Kim especially, endorsed that Mr. Goudas products are high in nutritional value. 

Picture (Left to Right): Dr. Ho-Moon Seog, Mr. Goudas, Mrs. Sandra Kim (Nutritionist), Dr. Youngsoo Kim - Professional Food Scientist

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