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Mar 11, 2006

Mr. Goudas New Fashion Trend!

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About ten years ago, Mr. Goudas engineered and designed a T-shirt emblazoned with the "Mr. Goudas" Logo. 

He spent many precious hours, choosing the appropriate colours: black, yellow; and in estimating the perfect size and length to reflect the Goudas image. 

Suddenly, one weekend, one of his employees enters the office wearing a Mr. Goudas T-shirt he had never seen before. He wondered to himself if someone was now manufacturing a likeness of his T's. 

The employee's T-shirt was half the size of his regular T-shirt.

The reason being, as a female employee, somewhat fashion conscious, she cut the shirt a few inches below the breastline, on an angle.
A Mr. Goudas T-shirt, for females, and especially for the low-rider, jeans loving generation, was born! 

Send us pictures of Mr. Goudas T-shirts with your personal fashion statement, and after review, we will post those brilliant ideas on our website.

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