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Feb 11, 2006

A Compassionate Letter ( Paul E. Hamlyn)

After the news of Irma's sad passing were spread, and in a matter of hours, hundreds of friends, colleagues, animal lovers, and even consumers of Goudas Foods products who did not know Mr. Goudas in person, rushed to express their condolences.

It should be noted here that the above Newsletter was also sent to more than 250,000 subscribers to one of the largest advertising websites in Canada,, where the "Koukla" article narrating the story of Mr. Goudas 3 pets Koukla, Irma, and Tiger, has been posted for some time now under the Koukla icon.
Out of the great number of letters received, the following deserves to be shared with our readers: 

February 10, 2006 

Dear Mr. Goudas & the rest of the Goudas Family.

I would like to extend my deepest condolences on the loss of your BELOVED Irma.

She sounded like such a SPECIAL Companion, and I am sure that the time that She spent with You and Your Family was undoubtedly the BEST TIME of Her life.
You can ALWAYS count on the Love & Companionship of an animal, because they are so non-judgmental, and ALWAYS return the LOVE back to their Family & Friends.

I am sure that it was a very sad evening for the entire Goudas Family, but rest assured that your Irma will be waiting for You with open paws, when your time comes to elevate to the next level.

Just imagine Irma as a healthy, happy, young, puppy again without a care in the world, except waiting for her loving Peter. Death is not an end to life...It is a NEW Beginning.

The GOUDAS Family is a SPECIAL FAMILY, and I am sure that IRMA was blessed to be a part of it until the end of her life. GODSPEED to Her. 

ALL the BEST, 
Paul E. Hamlyn


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