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Oct 24, 2005

Mr Goudas Remembering the "one-man operation" of 1973...

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A pleasant surprise awaited Mr. Goudas this afternoon.

Mr. Mel Mitchell, an old colleague from the past, stopped by Goudas Food for a greeting in person.  They hadn't seen each-other for 35 years. 

In 1973, Mr. Mitchell worked for more than 2 years as a salesman for Goudas Foods, when it was still located on Baldwin Street.

Being the only salesman of the company back then, he often delivered the products himself with a small van.

At the time, the company had few products, mostly beans, and the packaging was made in the basement of the Goudas Foods building.  However, business kept growing.
The first accounts were opened with Food City and Red & White stores, and many more were added during the years, as more and more companies were getting to know and trust the Mr. Goudas quality. 

It is interesting to quote some of the comments Mr. Mitchell made when remembering the old times:

"Back then the food market was very competitive, and business was slow.
Chain-stores as a concept were not very known yet.
In order to grow as a food company, hard work and preserverance was necessary.

When thinking 35 years back, I see a one-man operation, Mr. Goudas, and a one-man sales personnel, myself, constantly striving to satisfy the consumer and build their loyalty." 

In the picture you can see Mel Mitchell, now 73 years old and retired.


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