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Sep 24, 2005

Golden Safron: New Variety of Rice!

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We are excited to announce the new variety of rice added in the Mr. Goudas products collection.

This recipe is very popular among Arabian and Armenian people, and it combines rice with tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, and minced meat for a delicious outcome. This is commonly known by the name "Maklub" which stands for "Food served upside-down" (see picture). 

The Golden Safron Rice has quickly captured preferences throughout Goudas Foods, and has naturally become widely appreciated by visitors and friends of the company.

In the photo you can see how some of the latest Saturday-lunch attendants enjoyed this new rice dish served by Mr. Goudas himself.

On the bottom right of the photo is the presedent of the Ararat Trading Co., 
Mr. Haroot Sarkissian, and you can see the satisfaction on his face. 

What a treat!

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