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Sep 14, 2005

Mr. Lou Pecchia & Mr Goudas Old friends catching up!

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Let's analize this picture for a second...

We all know the man on the right; but the man on the left is Mr. Lou Pecchia.

If any of you has gone thoroughly through the Events Section, on May 1st, 1977,
there is a small article with the title "Goudas products enter No Frills stores for the first time".

Unfortunately we did not have a current picture for that article, but here, almost 30 years later, you can see the man who built up No Frills with his extended knowledge of the Food Industry.

Mr. Pecchia has an enormous experience with the food accomodation of the multicultural society of Canada, almost as much as Mr. Goudas himself.
His name also appears in the article "The man for all seasonings" posted in the Articles section. 

Over the years, their business relationship evolved into a close friendship, maintaining frequent get-togethers as this one in the picture. Mr. Pecchia retired from his position with No Frills 4 years ago. 

In the picture, they are clearly bending the rules by trying various Italian specialties, although they should both think twice before "sampling" at this rate.

Mr. Goudas and Mr. Pecchia enjoy the company of each-other and their friendship is lasting not only because they are big fans of the food industry, but most importantly because they share the same views and ideas on the food business.
Of course, it also happens that they share the same age.

Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas and Lou Pecchia - May 26 2002 

In the above picture, Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas and Mr. Lou Pecchia having a conversation on May 26, 2002.

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