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Aug 23, 2005

Goudas - Let's talk Cassava and Plantain Chips!

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The next time you open a bag of Mr. Goudas Cassava or Plantain Chips, know this:
The product you are enjoying did not arrived to your hands by a simple procedure.

If you are imagining Mr. Goudas picking up the phone at a fast pace and with lightening speed, and giving some directions on how to prepare and package these chips, you are way off reality.

In fact, Mr. Goudas insists upon discussing the procedure, the ingredients, the evaluation of the nutrition information, the new label design, the consistency in color, thickness, taste, and of course, the appearance of the chips for long hours, and preferrably, in person. 

A few days ago, for example, a supplier and factory owner from Central America visited Goudas Foods with the sole purpose to thoroughly discuss Cassava and Plantain Chips.

This is not because the product you have already tried is not good; this is because Mr. Goudas strives to continuously improve every little detail, in order to make them even better! 

In the picture you can see that the chips are present over dinner, to accompany business with sampling.

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