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Oct 20, 2003

Tomato Puree

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With the help of Ms. Irene of Nationwide Canning, under a partnership, we were able to develop a product uncommon, yet maybe the most satisfying product for the ever changing market demand. 

There are products in the market such as Crushed Tomatoes, which Goudas Foods already carries under his label for many years; however, both companies thought it would be a good idea to develop crushed tomatoes without the seeds. This new product is called Tomato Puree, with a limited amount of preservatives. This particular product will be available in more and more supermarkets under the Mr. Goudas brand, but sooner or later, imitations will surface in the market. 

Mr. Goudas was very proud of this product, while in the testing stages in 2003. We are very confident that in the next season there will be more production, because we feel the quality is outstanding and will satisfy even the pickiest of customers. We also feel sorry for customers who cannot obtain this product at their favourite supermarket, due to some stores not carrying Mr. Goudas brands.
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