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May 16, 2003

A Very Beautiful Lady named Beverly Mascoll

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In the Spring of 1972, Mr. Goudas had a grocery store in Kensington Market (Jewish market).

One afternoon, he had a visit from a very beautiful lady named Beverly Mascoll; she was the owner of the Mascoll Beauty Supply Ltd. (cosmetic supplies business).

As it was expected, Mr. Goudas, as the owner of a food company, had no interest in cosmetic businesses.

However, despite the fact that there was apparently nothing to discuss, lady Mascoll insisted that she picks up all food products that were unsellable due to slightly damaged packages or ripped labels.

Mr. Goudas agreed although he was very curious to hear the reason why would a cosmetics lady need those products.

This is when he learned that lady Mascoll was also the founder of an organization that helped poor people.

Mr. Goudas realized that this lady was even more beautiful at heart than she was in appearance. 

This wonderful relationship lasted a few decades, until early into our century when Beverly passed away,(May 16, 2001) leaving behind memories to thousands of people that she had helped over the years. 

Those of us who knew Beverly Mascoll found her to be an outstanding human being and a wonderful person. 

Beverly Mascoll, received many awards and honors, including the Order of Canada, 

Click here to read one of the Letters of Appreciation Beverly Mascoll sent to Mr. Goudas

   Beverly Mascoll – In Memoriam

by Ricardo McRae on April 15, 2011

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